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Car Bumper Stickers for Various Purposes

Enjoy your new look of car and increase the sale volume with appropriate advertisement thoroughcar bumper stickers and other decent tools of advertisement, it is easy to target any specific area or whole market by using the cost effective stickers for your brands, logos and also for the products.

Identity of Colleges

The colleges by using their identity distribute students some stickers which they use on the bumpers of their cars it give recognition to the colleges among many people and stickers also used in the rooms of children in form of cartoon’s images or other such to educate kids in the beginning stages by using the eye memory which is long lasting.


By using such method the risk of loss reduced because the d├ęcor or the advertisement through these is very inexpensive and one do not find the problems after stuck these on the cars because these are removable  and attractive designs with the best material always brings positive response for any purpose. For making the best custom bumper stickers some tips are described here.

Some Important Tips for Good Printing

Every business man wishes to expand his business. It is very important to convince and satisfy the customers that they are not spending wastefully and buying the best quality manufactured goods, and for this reason the use of custom bumper stickersis pretty amazing but use these in the suitable material or designing which will pay you according to your expectations. As you know that the bumper stickers are going to face the weather changes so first of all the selection of good material is necessary.
For this reason one should always demand the vinyl stock because this can fulfill all the requirements of durability, weather resistance as well as of best support to the car bumper stickers regarding to their designs. So whether you are aiming to improve your identity, share your personal views, increase your sale volume or supporting to the political campaign all these with the good material and attractive way of their use are possible.
The use of colors should be according to the design’s or image’s support as well as in the attractive manner. The words which you use for your sale and are experienced will be best addition in your advertising stickers. car bumper stickers from online companies can be gained in most inexpensive rates, in any suitable material, strategy along with different colors which suite to the purpose of their use.
Carlyn Beatrix is a Professional blog writer and is writing blogs about diffrent business and advertisment issues for a number of years. How to  advertise and decor your cars with cheap way is described in this blog.

The Most Idiotic Car Accessories Ever to Have Graced our Markets

There are all sorts of accessories out there to personalise our vehicles.  Some of these are actually useful and serve a really good purpose in terms of making our cars faster, safer or more economic.  Others, however, do nothing other than make our cars look stupid.  Let’s take a look at some of the most idiotic accessories available on the market today.

Truck Balls

You may wonder what truck balls are, because the name itself seems pretty nonsensical, until you see a picture.  Basically, they are a pair of testicles that you hang from your tow bar.  It isn’t entirely clear why anybody would want these, but they sold like hot cakes.  Strangely enough, they sold mainly to men.  Why any man would want to hang balls at the back of their truck remains a complete mystery.  If you do want to buy them, you will be happy to know that they come in a range of colours, including blue, red and hot pink, as well as more lifelike colours.

Car Bras

Since we have discussed the wrongness of the male anatomy as a car accessory, we must also discuss part of the female anatomy.  It is now possible to purchase car “bras”.  These basically fit over the front bumper of the car and they protect the paint of the car.  Of course, it only protects the bumper part, so the paint on the rest of the vehicle will continue to deteriorate.  Besides the fact that the car bra is pointless, it is also incredibly stupid looking.

Stick on Vents

These are just ridiculous.  Stick on vents serve absolutely no purpose.  The designer of them – a very clever person who made millions out of them – probably thought that it would allow men to make their car look sportier.  However, they are just stickers, and visibly so.  Hence, all they really do is make you look like a complete doofus who is driving a boring car. Stay away from them.

Exhaust Tips

These were clearly designed for the ladies.  They are little pieces of metal that can be attached to the exhaust of the car, making your car look like Hello Kitty, SpongeBob or any other cartoon character.  Again, these sold in their millions and there are now tons of cars walking around with little pieces of Hello Kitty on their exhaust.  I say little pieces, because the overall effect was quickly ruined when parts started to corrode and come off.

Other Strange Accessories

There are many other strange accessories that we should quite simply avoid.  There are the body kits and aftermarket spoilers, which are designed to make your car look like it came straight from Need for Speed, but actually make your car look like a Dinky Toy.  Then, there are the lewd references to other brands and the women silhouettes.  Nobody thinks they are funny and it continues to be a conundrum as to why they keep selling.  The tailgate nets are just as pointless, as are the Calvin urination stickers.
Laura is happy to say that she has never purchased any stupid accessories for her vehicles.  She hopes that this will help her to get a better quote on the car insurance for women she is now looking for.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

X-pert Tint and Alarms Sheds Light on Blocking UV Radiation with Auto Tinting for Summer 2012

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 05, 2012
There are a variety of reasons to have a vehicle's windows tinted: it looks good, it keeps the interior cool and it decreases the glare from the sun. However, X-pert Tint and Alarms wants to make sure customers are aware of perhaps the most important reason: glass tint protects drivers from harmful UV radiation. This Houston-based shop believes many customers haven't thought about this important benefit.
UV radiation has long been known as a contributing factor to the development of skin cancer, and sitting in a vehicle on long commutes during the daytime makes drivers especially vulnerable. X-pert Tint and Alarms believes the solution is auto glass tinting. By having their windows tinted, drivers will be effectively blocking a substantial amount of harmful UV radiation. X-pert Tint and Alarms believes that this simple and affordable solution will help drivers in the same way that sunblock and UV-resistant sunglasses do.
Blocking the sun's rays also helps keep the interior of the vehicle cooler. Window tint can greatly reduce the temperature of a vehicle, even on the hottest day, making drives more tolerable in the warmer months. In addition, the blocked sunlight and reduced temperatures will also keep the vehicle's interior from fading and cracking, a problem that is especially common during the hot Texas summers.
The most apparent reason to have a vehicle's windows tinted is aesthetic. A car with tinted windows has a sleeker look. Window tint will also reduce the amount of glare, both inside and out. A less apparent reason for tinting windows is that the tint is shatterproof, giving the vehicle an added layer of security to its most vulnerable point of entry.
About the company: 
X-pert Tint and Alarms has over 30 years of quality industry experience under their belt. There isn't a better auto tinting value in the greater Houston area. They are a locally owned and operated business with auto, residential and commercial tinting expertise. Their highly qualified specialists value prompt, professional service, and always stand behind a commitment to superior workmanship. For more information visit their website at

Tint World Announces Grand Opening Event in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tint World invites local Florida residents to enjoy a day of fun to celebrate the grand opening of a new Tint World Fort Lauderdale auto styling center.
Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) June 05, 2012
Tint World, the nation’s leading auto styling franchise, will hold a public grand opening event on Sunday June 10 to kick off a brand new auto styling center. The event is open to the public and will feature free food, gift card giveaways, a live radio broadcast, and special discounts on popular Tint World services like detailing andautomotive window tinting.
The new store is the second Tint World location to open in the Fort Lauderdale area and is operated by local owner, Danny Shenko. Local residents of all ages are encouraged to stop by for plenty of free fun and entertainment, as well as the opportunity to browse the new center’s state-of-the-art showroom, which features a wall of working product installs so customers can interact with audio, video, and other popular mobile electronics products.
Guests of the event can enjoy free catered food and entertainment from a live local radio broadcast and a variety of custom cars on display. There will also be prize giveaways including popular auto accessories, $50 Tint World gift certificates, plus Tint World t shirts and more promotional items will all be up for grabs. During this special event, Tint World will also be offering big discounts on window tinting, car audio upgrades, HID lighting and auto detailing services for all in attendance.
The grand opening will be a day of fun for all ages and a great opportunity to find free and discounted auto styling services from the nation’s leading window tinting and auto styling franchise. To join in, guests can stop by Sunday June 10th at the new store location, 1260 W. Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL.
About Tint World®
Established 1982 in Tamarac, Florida, Tint World® is now the leading franchised provider of automotive, residential, commercial, and marinewindow tinting and security film services in the US. Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers also offer auto security, mobile electronics, performance and styling accessories, custom wheels and tire packages, auto detailing, and reconditioning services.
For the original version on PRWeb visit:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nissan Middle East announces two sporty new additions to its product range

Sporty Nissan Middle East today announced two new additions to the network products will be available to customers from our retail GCC this fall - the all-new 2010 Nissan Maxima sedan and 2010 Nissan 370Z Coupe.

States also asserted that it will add to the GCC 370Z convertible roadster model line-up in early 2010. There is also good news for Nissan fans with official confirmation of availability for the first time from a selection of accessories for cadang BALAP NISMO 370Z Coupe new altima sedan and the Tiida compact car.

All-new 2010 Maxima sedan - Nissan premiums 4DSC
Much-loved by Nissan Middle East customers through the previous generation Maxima is back to the Middle East as Successor Nissan sedan. The all-new 2010 Maxima has been designed as a rule four-door sports car (4DSC) is unique in both appearance and driving feel. The quality target established for the development of the new Maxima, including the purpose of creating 'the No.1 machine front, front-wheel drive car in the world, "with the purpose of leading the class acceleration, braking, handling, craft and design cockpit.

Terobosan Maxima exterior design that instills a new sense of 'fluid motion,' which combines the aggressive attitude and strong fender design. Maxima is a dynamic new attitude beraksen with standard 19-inch alloys with low-profile performance tires.

Maxima new interior interior design team developed the concept of 'Super Cockpit' - instill feelings of control sports car with ergonomic close, but with enough roominess and comfort for drivers and passengers. Keywords highlighted during design development is "impressive and smooth," "high touch," "expertise" and "high-tech." Many luxury features also available - navigation system with monitor glass, Bose ® premium audio system, Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition, Premium leather power seats with both cooling and heating functions, etc.

Maxima equipped with a standard 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve award-wining VQ-series V6 engine, 290 horsepower rating and 35.7 kg-m Punchy torsi - a Nissan sedan was the strongest ever. Maxima new intelligent CVT transmission standard Xtronic disetel specific to driving a car sporty character. This includes manual shift mode, new "Ds mode" (drive sport) and available F1-style paddle shifter.

"The 2010 Maxima has two sides of the character - the rational side and kepraktisan luxury sedan, but also the soul of a sports car, so we call premi first" 4-door sports car "from Nissan."

Word Gilles Normand, Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor Company.

"The all-new 2010 Maxima is reklamasi the rich heritage of high performance sedan with Infus emotional design, driving excitement and advanced technology - creating an aggressive, stimulating sports sedan like no way in today."

Along with the new Nissan Maxima came level performance level quality passive and active safety equipment as well as body construction zone, Nissan aware "Safety Shield" concept. The 2010 Maxima is equipped with standard Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) with Traction Control System (TCS), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA ). Nissan Maxima in the United States has reached U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) top 5-star safety rating for front and security as well as encounters.

The first full redesign of the icons in the Nissan Z sports car since it was introduced as the 350Z in 2003, almost every part and component of the new Nissan 370Z has been re-thought or re-designed. The 2010 370Z has Wheelbase shorter, making increasing use of lightweight body materials, has a new engine with class-leading but 328 horse power with increased fuel economy, a new 7-speed automatic transmission with F1 style paddle shifter and the world Downshift disinkronisasi The first round of six-speed transmission system pencocokan manually. In, high-quality new drivers sentris interior central place driver stage plus a number of features new technology already includes a touch screen Navigation system.

The 2010 370Z offers a new dynamic styling double benefits - appearance is more aggressive and more lightweight, tight structure to improve performance. The 370Z has a taut new skin - which looks really new, not yet fully Z. exterior design incorporates the original 1970 styling 240Z signal, the fine form of aerodynamics, a "dynamic motion" feel with a dramatic cantilevered roof (the Nissan GT - R styling signal) and a "visual gravity low."

Z enabled by new fourth-generation award-winning Nissan VQ-series V6. VQ37VHR new 3.7-liter engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) is the value at 328 horsepower and 37.0kg-m torsi. The new machines are supported by two powerful new transmission options, both designed to improve driver performance.

Near new-ratio 6-speed manual is available including the world's first "SynchroRev Match" system, which automatically control and adjust the speed when the engine speed switch to the right of the next tooth, essentially "blipping" to smooth out every lever up / down shifts. New 7-speed automatic magnesium paddle shifter is designed to offer ultra-fast, manual-like shift when operated in manual mode with the target of 0.5 seconds between the time shift.

"Irrespective of the specification spectacular new look and fresh, the new 370Z will be treated harshly in the sports car segment with the unbeatable combination of performance and value" word Gilles Normand, Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor Company.

"In our bid new Nissan 370Z a 'super evolution' as built on the best features from both the first and last generation of Z car (240Z and the 350Z) and respect but not retro, simple but sophisticated, and 110 percent pure Z. 370Z new sweet spot in the live performance, style and value, the position was created by Nissan Z native in 1970. This is an authentic sports car that you do not have to make sacrifices to own or drive day-to-day "it concluded.

In the 370Z will be available initially as a coupe from the fall of this year but the convertible version of the roadster will be introduced in GCC from early 2010.

NISMO - Pertajam you Edge Racing

Founded in 1984, 'NISMO' - or Nissan Motorsports International - the company is fully owned division BALAP dedicated to the design and development of racism and Nissan car rally to go to many domestic and international race series around the world. NISSAN NISMO performance cap is known around the world in providing extreme performance vehicles and parts to Nissan customers with products originating from the country-of-the-art technology and know-how cultivated through motor sports activities. Now, this NISMO accessories made available to customers under the comfort of regular Nissan warranty.

For the first time officially Nissan Middle East will offer a variety NISMO parts through retail partners in the GCC from this fall. Three models can be equipped with Nissan NISMO parts: the new 370Z coupe, altima sedan and the Tiida compact car.

For example 370Z Coupe 2010 can be equipped with parts of the NISMO Aero Kit (front / addition / rear spoiler), NISMO S-track suspension, NISMO NISMO Exhaust System and 19 "Forged Alloy Wheels plus an additional device other details.

"We are very pleased to officially launch the various parts of the Middle East NISMO for our customers" commented Gilles Normand, Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor Company. "Nissan is very active in the world of motor sports and the company has attracted a strong customer demand for our motorsport-developed NISMO tuning parts. In this area we are aware that many Nissan owners eager to personalize their cars and improve the availability and NISMO parts we can begin to meet their demands ".

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